Wet Paintbrushes

Alison Seung Ah Lee was born in 1980 in Seoul South Korea.  Her interest and inherent talent in various artistic mediums was recognized by her mother at an early age, and she was enrolled in an art academy by the third grade. However, classic and strict art training did not appeal to the budding artist, who far preferred to follow her own instincts and explore more experimental abstract work, so those classes were eventually abandoned. When she relocated to the Los Angeles area with her family as a teenager, a high school art teacher noticed her potential, and encouraged her to pursue a career in art. Practicality took precedence over passion however, as her parents were concerned about art as a serious profession, leading Alison instead to enroll in design school. Upon graduation, she worked as a women’s clothing designer, until her first son was born in 2014. Following the birth of her second child in 2017, she resumed work, launching her own handbag line in 2018.


In 2019, Alison felt herself drifting away from art and into feelings of isolation. Her personal time was spread thin, and she went  through personal challenges and periods of sadness. With little time for personal pursuits, she struggled with depression, and longed to return to painting.  She sought counseling, and when it was suggested she try art therapy, she felt a renewed sense of creativity and happiness return to her life. After taking a few private classes with downtown Los Angeles artist Clara Berta,  she felt healed and comforted by the positive energy in the studio, and soon gained the confidence to paint again as a positive outlet for her depressive feelings.

Back on track and feeling stronger, Alison found that releasing her emotions and feelings onto canvas helped heal her mind and soul. Finally the artist she always longed to be, she has transformed her life experiences into unique artwork that reflect her personal interpretation of reality and spiritual philosophy. Through experimentation, Alison has developed a unique signature style and process, creating abstract mixed-media paintings that exceed average textures, shapes and colors. Eschewing an accurate depiction of visual reality, Alison uses textural formations and amorphous patterns to achieve her desired abstract effects, using texture as the main expressive resource.  Part painting, part sculpture - she builds up many layers of acrylic paint mixed with her own organically-brewed mediums of various compounds, including unconventional materials and even 3-dimensional found objects to give her work extra dimension. 


Inspired by the distinct imagery in nature, space, and historical cultural references, Alison is continually working to evolve her signature style, materials, and techniques, hoping to channel her emotions to the viewer and create the desired connection. As she explains, ”I would like my works to inspire or affect the mood of my audience, so that I can transmit to them the energy and spirituality that has helped me so much in my worst moments.”


As an emerging contemporary painter in a town full of artists, Alison’s confidence and work output is expanding. Now enjoying her time at home, sharing and creating art with her children, her elegant, highly-textural paintings elicit warm, lush feelings of comfort, wonder and awe. Her future series will explore themes of Christianity and faith, as she delves into the world of abstraction, spirituality and artistic experimentation, further healing her soul and finding peace.