In this series of monochromatic paintings, I create expressive and subjective abstract compositions. In this case, the protagonism is my expressiveness that dispenses with structure and turns to the gesture, matter, and feeling that the work causes as a form of relationship with oneself and with the environment. It is therefore an ambiguous piece free of different interpretations. The rules and norms of aesthetics that normally must be followed to make a work have been left aside; this allows the creation of a completely unique piece. I use ground charcoal to create organic textures that give the canvas a three-dimensional character. As a result, I have painted textures that simulate recording the movement of blows. But despite the flash of energy caused by the encounter between the textures and the surface of the canvas, the painting is intimate and poetic. The design of this work is elegantly contrasted with the white of the canvas and effortlessly enhances any space in which it is located.

© 2020 by ALISON LEE