In this work, I have been inspired by the movement that is generated between the encounter of fire and wind. I wanted to capture the dancing flames by means of textures created with ground coal. The material density of this piece gives the work a corporeality that is at the same time excessive and fragile. The texture is expressive, meaningful, and influences people's senses. They produce a great power of attraction. Unlike smooth and uniform surfaces that produce an aesthetic visual sensation, the rough and irregular texture causes a greater effect of visual movement. It connects with the tactile experience. These textures are offered to the viewer in their actual form. This is because the human experience knows the essence of touch in everything around it, in the bark of a tree, in a stone, in a glass cup, in a table. When we perceive an object we see it as a totality in which the sensations of the visual, the tactile, the smell, and in some cases the sound is present. I seek through my works a total experience that is not limited to visual qualities.

© 2020 by ALISON LEE