Inspired directly by the duality of colour I have created this monochromatic piece which is characterized by the strong contrast between the canvas and the material. Using ground coal, I focus on matteric art. As a result, this work breaks away from traditional formats and their materiality to try out new forms of liberation. The painting is affected by the incorporation of organic textured paste, even creating a new pictorial dimension that oscillates between the confines of the sculptural. The textures come to life, starting on the canvas and extending beyond its corners, not limited to the edges of the support. It is a continuous conception of the plastic universe that involves the spectator. The textures emerge from the two-dimensional plane of the painting and extend into real space. I express and experiment, I create new languages, forms, and new materials. There are no limits in letting the deepest feelings and emotions emerge. I seek a new spatial definition for the pictorial medium and seem to have found it with the abolition of illusory space and its replacement by real space. A painting that "exists".

© 2020 by ALISON LEE