Cracked Ice

artist's approach

My artwork begins with the stimulation of my senses. It is the purest of organic forms in a
spontaneous process of unification with nature and her history. I explore every layer, crack and
crevice. I listen to and feel her stories, then retell them in every piece I produce.


respect her by using my own mediums that are non-toxic and safe and recycling is prominent in my
three-dimensional pieces. I revitalize the fragments of objects whose structural integrity has eroded,
using colour to bring them back to life. The use of organic materials gives a natural textured feeling
to my creations.

On the canvas, I manifest a universally innate language that overflows with emotions. It is
comforting, intriguing and speaks of memories and moments lost in time as each textured effect tells
a detailed story of invaluable history.



Art is the epitome of beauty. It transcends all boundaries, stimulating emotions through deep
external experiences. Art is comfort. It excites the soul, strengthening the bond between us and
nature’s essence. I create art that bridges that connection, marring our human consciousness with
nature’s rich history in ways that go beyond color and shape. It is the expression of heart, soul,
sweat, tears and the magic that embodies us all.

artist's statement